Making business decisions in the dark?

Make informed business decisions this year with Reed Business Insight we provide unique business market expertise through innovative research solutions. Our team of market research professionals have a wealth of experience in the aerospace market, and can help you:

  • Gain invaluable insights into the aerospace market place
  • Make informed business decisions in 2007
  • Keep one step ahead of your competitors

We offer a wide range of research services to help you better understand .your market and obtain feedback on your products and brands.


Gain an understanding of your company's or brand's profile and prominence in the market. How are you perceived in comparison to your competitors? Use the results to improve your marketing communications and to measure your return on investment.


Measure the effectiveness of your advertisements by looking at the messaging, creative concepts used and whether you are reaching your customers effectively. Use the results to develop future advertising campaigns that are in line with your brand values and customer expectations, thus increasing the return on your marketing spend.


Understand the key factors influencing and driving your existing and potential clients' purchasing decisions. Use the results to ensure that key drivers are in place, thus increasing your opportunity to become the supplier of choice when clients' and potential clients' purchasing decisions are made.


How your market is structured including: competitor analysis, expenditure forecasts, current trends and developments, impact of future trends and new technologies. Use the results to develop effective product launches and market entry strategies.


Evaluate existing products or test new product concepts and services, gaining feedback on potential interest and pricing levels. Use the results to develop your products according to consumer needs and desires, maximizing the potential success of their development.


How do customers use websites and how does your site perform in terms of navigability, 'stickability' and the ease of which customers can find the information they are searching for? Use results to develop the usability of your website, to improve content provided and to ultimately increase repeat usage.


What are your customers' satisfaction levels with your products and services against your competitors? Use the results to identify key commitment factors, to strengthen your customer relationships and to increase repeat purchasing behaviour.


Qualitative: In-depth research to gain an understanding of attitudes and opinions. Quantitative: Consists of a larger number of interviews to quantify and measure usage and behaviour.

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